8. Mekorama With its tiny isometric world you can spin with your finger, and landscape-twisting mechanics, Mekorama brings to mind Monument Valley. But, this game has no Escher-like optical illusions; instead, it concentrates on straightforward pathfinding as you help an ambling robot reach its goals. It's a charming, thoughtful, tactile experience, and on a tablet is suitable for parent/TEEN play, with you working through the puzzles together. Once you're done with the 50 built-in levels, you can download more from the internet, or make your own. 10 great free games for TEENs on Android tablets and iPad. 10 great free games for TEENs on Android tablets and iPad. A note on IAPs and ads: Free games need to make money somehow. There are several games listed here that do indeed offer in-app purchases (IAPs) for in-game currency, and some feature ads instead. In the former case, you can disable IAPs at a system level on your device before handing it over to a TEEN. With the latter, you should play the game yourself first to make sure the ads are OK. 1. Sago Mini Friends Sago Mini Friends is a pleasant little set of mini games that encourages dexterity, puzzle-solving and creativity. It starts with you selecting a colorful character, who then explores a neighborhood of cartoon houses. Knock on a door, and you'll be invited inside for an animated, entertaining playdate. This may involve hammering nails into a birdhouse, dress-up or even enjoying a tasty snack. Everything's bright and cheerful, and the game promotes empathy, with one friend looking glum if spoils aren't evenly shared. 3. Toca Kitchen 2 If your TEEN regularly uses a tablet, you've likely already installed some Toca Boca games. They're a smart mix of education and play, and Toca Kitchen 2 is no exception. As the name suggests, Toca Kitchen 2 is all about cooking. This game will invite you to create meals– however your imagination allows. Invent your own recipes and foist your creations on a colorful cast o f characters, whether you've carefully constructed a burger, or just threw a watermelon in the microwave and covered it in sauce. 10 great TEENs games for PCs, Macs and web browsers. 20 cracking free games for TEENs armed with an iPad, Android tablet, PC, or Mac. 10 great free games for TEENs on Android tablets and iPad. . This game features optional IAP for tipping the developer. Epic Games Store sale could steal Steam's thunder with big discounts like 45% off Metro Exodus. Best free games for TEENs: 20 great titles for girls and boys. TechRadar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Visit our corporate site. 5. Disney Crossy Road The original Crossy Road cleverly reworked Frogger, with blocky characters hopping across chunky endless landscapes, trying to avoid a dunk in a river or getting flattened by a train. But the masterstroke was a raft of unlockable characters. Disney Crossy Road is much the same, but uses Disney characters that often radically overhaul the game's visuals and gameplay mechanics. Over 100 figurines are there to be found, and although IAP lurks, playing and collecting coins in the in-game worlds is all you need to snag them all. 4. Llama Spit Spit Llama Spit Spit is an oddball shoot 'em up, featuring a flying llama blasting crazy cartoon enemies with a mix of spittle and high-powered weaponry. The controls are incredibly simple, meaning even younger players can get on board. Power-ups and collectable llamas (with their own background imagery) keep things interesting over the long term. The one snag is it's the spit of Shooty Skies ( Android / iOS ), which is the better (and more surreal) game– although the lack of ads and IAP means the llamas get the nod for this particular list. 9. Super Stickman Golf 3 For many TEENs, golf won't excite. But the Super Stickman universe doesn't partake in normal golf. Instead, you're thwacking balls across larger-than-life side-on courses– massive castles; laser-strewn bases; floating islands. Although it's a fun solo game, which makes the most of bigger screens (through you being able to see more of each course and therefore aim more precisely), it also has superb multiplayer modes. You can play turn-by-turn matches with friends, or try your hand at frenetic, madcap 'race to the hole' skirmishes. Best free games for TEENs: 20 great titles for girls and boys. . This game features advertising, and has non-essential IAPs for more rapidly unlocking discs and zones. . This game features advertising, and IAP for unlocking a premium upgrade (more courses and slots for turn-based multiplayer) and in-game currency. . This game has a single optional IAP that unlocks new features and themes. ZombieLoad flaw affects nearly every Intel processor since 2011.